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1) Decide on an origin: human, lab-born hybrid, or street-born hybrid.

  • Human characters lack the psychic power of the NNAI hybrids; however, they face far, far less social discrimination and can blend into society with ease.
  • All hybrid player characters have been altered by the NNAI and have been in OriGene labs for at least the past 6 months. Psychic powers are not initially under complete player control.
  • Lab-born hybrids are usually raised for security service; they require extra cause to begin with significant ratings in Socialize, Streetwise, or Larceny.
  • Street-born hybrids generally grew up as second-class citizens; they require extra cause to begin with significant ratings in Academics, Politics, or Science.

2) Create your character as NWoD standard, with the following changes:

  • Characters begin with 9 merit dots. Hybrids must allocate at least 2 merit dots to a psychic power.
  • The Psionics skill will be used to handle knowledge of psychic phenomena. No character may begin with more than Occult 2, and must have a very good justification.
  • Human characters may not begin with a psychic power without special permission; however, they may develop one in play after discussion with the Storyteller.
  • In the final step of character creation, spend 10 experience.

The Lake Michigan Tri-City Metroplex is the heart of OriGene’s power, and the company strictly controls its territory. Firearms are easy to get on the black market, but advanced training with them (or really, any method of combat) is tightly controlled. Shooting incidents draw rapid responses from OriGene security forces.

Combat is not the only answer, and often is not the best. Make sure you can do other things too. Similarly, don’t feel like you have to have moderate combat skill no matter your concept.

The following gameplay hacks are in use: Bleeding Out, Grenade Delay, Increased Wound Penalties, Shooting Through Cover, Valiant Surge, Watch My Back

Main Page

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