“Bringing You Tomorrow, Today”

Founded in 2021 as a medical biotechnology developer, OriGene has since grown into one of the Big Three and controls much of the Midwestern United States. While successful in its early days thanks to brilliant management and lucrative government contracts, its profits skyrocketed after acquisition of Den research data in 2027 and the unveiling of the first commercially-viable human augmentations in 2032. The economic meltdown of 2044 actually strengthened OriGene’s power, as it willingly ran massive deficits to provide medical care and agricultural supplies to the general population in contrast to FEMA’s slow response.

OriGene’s home office is Helix Tower in Origin City. The current CEO is Kenneth Simons.

Among its many projects, OriGene is currently running the Neural Neogenetics Advancement Initiative, a top-secret program aimed at the development of psychic abilities.


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