The Den

The Den is possibly the most-reviled organization since Nazi Germany. Beginning as a small ecoterrorist group, the Den’s goals changed in 2018 with the arrival of Dr. Gabriel Almeida, a brilliant geneticist forced to resign from MIT due to ethical concerns. In 2021, the Den attacked a bioweapons laboratory hidden in Somalia and stole samples and development data of an experimental retroviral weapon. By late 2024 the Den had successfully re-engineered the virus into their Holy Grail: a strain that would cause substantial beneficial physical mutations in humans while simultaneously destroying high-order thought capability, creating their ultimate tool to return humanity to nature.

The researcher behind the original weapon hired a private security contractor called Global Solutions, LLC, to attack the Den in early 2025, before the group could consolidate forces and mass-produce the Feral Strain. The assault heavily damaged the Den’s bunker complex and exposed it to military attention. The reeling group was swiftly crushed.

In the aftermath, numerous companies obtained access to Den research data; while the material was seen as hideously unethical, Dr. Almeida was a genegineering prodigy. The data spurred massive developments in biotechnology and directly contributed to the rise of the Big Three.

To this day, “feral” is used as an incredibly offensive slur towards hybrids, due to being the term used by the Den for its gene-altered soldiers.

The Den

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