Gameplay Hacks

Bleeding Out
Any wound that causes at least two points of lethal or aggravated damage, and is inflicted by a firearm, blade, claw, or other source of deep tissue damage, begins to bleed profusely. The victim suffers one point of bashing damage each turn the wound is left untended. Bleeding victims can be stabilized with a successful Intelligence + Medicine roll, with a -1 dice penalty for each point of lethal damage caused by the initial wound.

Grenade Delay
When a fuse-detonated grenade is thrown, the Storyteller secretly rolls a d10 and subtracts the number from the character’s Initiative count; the grenade explodes on that count. If the number is less than 0, it explodes after the first action of the next turn.

Increased Wound Penalties
With five open Health boxes, the character suffers a -1 to all actions. With four, the character loses the ability to spend Willpower for a heroic effort, but may still use it to increase Defense or Resistance traits or to activate a Valiant Surge. At three open boxes, the character suffers -2 to all actions. At two open boxes, the character loses the 10-again benefit (if a weapon grants 9-again or 8-again, that benefit is reduced one level). At one open box, the character suffers a -3 penalty to all actions.

Shooting Through Cover
Subtract the Durability of cover material from the shooter’s dice pool for Firearms attacks. If the Durability of the cover is greater than the damage rating of the gun, or if the gun does not use solid slugs, the bullets do not penetrate the cover. Exceptions include things like bulletproof glass or armor-piercing ammunition.

Valiant Surge
Once per game session, when a character is injured, her player may spend a Willpower point and roll Stamina + Resolve as a reflexive action. Each success immediately heals one point of bashing or lethal damage. If more successes are gained than wounds, each extra success grants a temporary Health box until the end of the scene. At the end of the scene, temporary health boxes are lost and the character suffers an amount of damage equal to the damage healed, upgraded to the next damage category.

Watch My Back
For every ally within arm’s reach, you ignore one point of Defense reduction due to multiple attackers.

Gameplay Hacks

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